The Dolph Company Inc.
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Our mission is to be the most committed, product educated and service focused Manufacture Representatives in the industry.  This is achieved through our passion for the products we represent in the outdoor industry and our commitment to customer service and product knowledge. 

​​We continually challenge ourselves to remain at the forefront of the industry with the service we provide to our customers, clients, and factories with a goal of long term growth and profitability.  We strive to exceed our business goals and expectations, with a level of service and attention to detail, that ensures profitability to all.

Bret Dolph  P. 208-380-1650 (Utah, CO, NM, AZ & Idaho):
Doug Dolph  P. 406-670-5757 (Montana & N Wyoming):
Josh Sims  P. 406-672-4633 (Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho):
Aaron Doolin P. 435-559-7373 (Utah):​
​Kellie Dolph P. 208-406-6775 (Office Manager): ​

Mike Frieberg P. 720-315-5412 (Nevada, CA, AK) ​​

Ben Baxter P. 206-779-3536 (Washington, Oregeon)​